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English Lesson 4 – Jobs and Professions

What is your job?
I am an accountant.
Are you a teacher?
No, I am a doctor

The following is a list of common job titles:

a doctor
an engineer
a manager
a police officer
an accountant
a waiter/a waitress
a builder
a teacher
a journalist
an actor/an actress
a cleaner
a shop assistant
a musician
a lawyer
a student
a nurse
an estate agent
a secretary
an architect
a writer
a housewife

English Lesson 1 – Letters and Numbers

Letters of the Alphabet

A a B b C c D d
E e F f G g H h
I i J j K k L l
M m N n O o P p
Q q R r S s T t
U u V v W w X x
Y y Z z


1   one
2   two
3 three
4 four
5 five
6 six
7 seven
8 eight
9 nine
10 ten
11 eleven
12 twelve
13 thirteen
14 fourteen
15 fifteen
16 sixteen
17 seventeen
18 eighteen
19 nineteen
20 twenty
21 twenty one
30 thirty
40 forty
50 fifty
60 sixty
70 seventy
80 eighty
90 ninety
100 one hundred
111 one hundred and eleven
1000 one thousand