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English Lesson 20 – Giving Directions In Town

Where is the bus station?
Go straight on until you get to the traffic lights. Turn left and the bus station is on the right-hand side.

Where can I find the an ATM?
Take the first left and then the second right.

Where is the nearest internet cafe?
Turn right here. There is an internet cafe beside the bank.

How do I get to the tourist information office?
Go straight on. It’s at the end of the street.


How do I get to …?
Where is …?
Go straight on (until you come to …).
Turn left/Turn right
It’s on the left/right
Take the first left/right
at the end of
traffic lights

bus station
train station
shopping centre
post office
city centre
tourist information office
car park
pay phone
ATM/cash machine
bureau de change

English Lesson 19 – Making A Hotel Reservation

Can I have a single room?
Can I have a double room?
Can I have a double room with an en-suite?
Can I have a room with twin beds?

How much is a single room?
I’m sorry. We are booked out.
We have no vacancies.

How long will you be staying?
Can I have a room for 3 nights?

Does the room have a bathroom?
What time is check out time?

Is breakfast included in the price?
Do you offer free breakfast?

Here is the room key.
Your room is on the first floor.

Can I check out please?
Can I check in?

Can you fill out this form?
Sign your name here, please.

Can I make a booking for next weekend?
Does the hotel have a restaurant?
Does the room have a television?

English Lesson 18 – Going On Holidays

I am going on holidays in June.
I am on holidays in France.

We are going on a – camping holiday
– skiing holiday
– summer holiday
– winter holiday
– cycling holiday
– walking holiday
– sun holiday
We are – travelling on business
– on our honeymoon


Things to take on a trip

foreign currency
luggage bags
travel visa
traveller’s cheques
guide book
phrase book

bus station
train station
travel agency